Lish is still our Joyce, our Beckett, our most true modernist
— Kirkus

Lish’s latest collection of exquisitely crafted fictions sees a narrator – variously 'Gordon', 'I', 'He' – approaching the precipice of old age. Against the backdrop of White Plains hospital, Lish skewers together memories of long-past infidelities and betrayals, on-going friendships, the relative comfort of household chairs, to forge a series of interlinked hypnotic and consistently hilarious narratives. This is Lish at his sharpest, tackling his perennial subject – the memory of memory itself – with spellbinding mastery.

Glowing, moving prose poems of hallucinatory intensity.
— Luke Kennard
A strange, bracing, wholly original novel, just when we need it.
— Sam Lipsyte
Beautiful, luminous, and written with poetic economy and precision.
— David Winters
Some of the most deep and rarified sensations that literature has to offer.
— Ben Marcus