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David Hayden at the Irish Literary Society with June Caldwell


June Caldwell and David Hayden visit the ILS to discuss their latest volumes of short stories and the short story form.

From one of Ireland’s most grindingly authentic and radically original talents, Caldwell’s Room Little Darker explores the clandestine aspects of modern life through jagged, visceral tales of wanton sex, broken relationships, homelessness and futuristic nightmares.

The stories in David Hayden’s Darker With The Lights On are driven ceaselessly, hypnotically forward by a powerful narrative force, the stories in this debut collection pull off that rare trick of captivating the reader, while twisting the form into truly new shapes. Comprising compelling stories made memorable by an imagist’s flair for photographic observation and unsettling, often startling, emotional landscapes, Darker With the Lights On introduces a new and brilliant talent.

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